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Eyebrow Waxing -$15
Gives a clean, more defined and symmetrical appearance to your eyebrows.

Lip & Brow Wax…$25
Remove excess lip and brow hair by waxing rather than shaving so that it takes longer to grow back.

Lip, Brow & Chin…$30
The more waxing you have in one session, the more you save!

Lip or Chin…$15

Sides of Face…$15

Lower Legs…$40

Full Legs…$70



Full Arms…$40

Under Arms…$20

Bikini... $30

Brazilian $50 & UP






Lumafirm Facial...$95

Prima Results Facial…$90

Plantomer... $90

Paraffin Facial…$85


Vitamin-C $105

European- $75

Mini- $50

30 Minute Glycolic Peel
1- $60   6- $275

Microdermabrasion Facial
1- $120  5- $575



The Best Waxing in Wilmington, NC

We offer full body waxing for both men and women and if you are having trouble finding a spa that offers full brazilian wax, look no further than Prima Day Spa!

Wilmington's Best Waxing We have been offering services in wilmington for many years and have made it our business to always have the best and most capable professionals on staff to perform any services you desire from basics like lip & brow waxing to more involved services like brazilian, back arm or leg waxing.

We use the best quality supplies which makes a big difference. Our esthetician applies warm wax to the skin, then carefully removes it, leaving skin soft and smooth to the touch. This refined technique is comfortable and and offers fantastic results.

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A recent funny post on facebook from one of our clients.

Thanks for today Keri. That was incredible. I thought you might enjoy this post of mine before I saw you. Funny thing is - I called and got all excited about facials and tans, and I completely forgot to mention this motivating factor for the call. ha ha! I had to slip it in there last minute. ;)

"LIP WAXING" : A foreign concept to me up until this point. Possessing the genetics of a lighter complexion and hair combined with youth - never gave it a thought. Certainly never saw anything that needed taking care of there. Same cute peach fuzz I had everywhere else. But over the holiday, that ideal existence came to an end. The horror of this realization was very reminiscent of when I spotted my first whisker. It was probably my late 20's when those unwelcome inhabitants started kicking back and making themselves at home on my chin. A feature shared with witches, mind you. I couldn't believe it. The most disturbing thing was their length. Which brought about the question of just exactly how long they had been there waving hello at people before I became aware of them. Yet, after that, they simply became a familiar annoyance that I would forget to look for more often than not - and hope no one I had seen in the past few days had noticed. But nothing more than a pair of tweezers could handle when I was on top of it. 

To continue, while in the car on the way to my parents house for Christmas, I happened to be looking in the vanity mirror - probably plucking those damn whiskers - when the sunlight came through the window at such an angle that caused every hair on my upper lip to illuminate. Like some sort of nightmarish light show. While the hair there was still clear, it was not the sweet peach fuzz I was accustomed to seeing. It had somehow transformed into this long, dare I say bushy, winter coat. With some differently textured, prickly-like chards scattered about. Try as I might, I simply could not suppress my primal shriek. Frightening the kids in the back seat. "Mama, are you ok?" "No, I'm not ok, damn it! I have a mustache! And I'm a girl!" (No worries, I didn't really phrase it that way in front of them ;) Then, I turned accusatorially towards Brett and started my interrogation. "Do you see this? Has it been like this since you've known me and you just didn't want to say anything? Did you notice it change? When? Think, think!" But he was just as perplexed and was making it even worse with comments like "holy cow! Look at that! Wait, turn this way so I can get a good look at... good God! Can I touch it?" 

So, off to the salon I go. At least it's a fairly cheap procedure. Sigh. Well, if nothing else, aging is definitely full of surprises and new experiences. ;)"


A very popular type of hair removal which we have seen increasing demand for over the past several years is “Waxing”. It has become very popular especially since it is a semi-permanent solution to removing large amounts of hair at one time. Since the hair is removed directly at the root, you can benefit from not seeing hair grow back for longer periods of time and many people notice no growth for periods up to 2 – 8 weeks. When hair does grow back, it tends to be a lot softer in areas where waxing has been performed.

Over the years, many businesses like salons and spas have flourished, offering different types of waxing procedures and styles to it's customers who are seeking soft, sexy skin without all that hair and come to places like Prima Day Spa for a safe and effective waxing procedures. If you’ve been to a Prima Day Spa or other salons, then you’ll know that you have several waxing options available which can be performed on the eyebrow, chin, legs, arm, back, chest, foot, etc.

One of the most popular types of waxing which is performed is known as the “Bikini Wax”. At one point this type of waxing would only be performed to hide hair when planning on wearing a bikini during vacation, however now bikini waxing has become so popular that it is routinely performed in different spas and salons around the world. There are several basic styles in bikini waxing and they have often been classified into the following:

  • American waxing: This is the most basic type of bikini waxing performed and is often called “bikini line waxing”. American waxing removes pubic hair which is only exposed by the swimsuit or bikini. This style would mainly focus on the hair at the top of the thighs and under the navel.

  • French waxing: Known as the “landing strip” because of the vertical strip it leaves in front, 2 to 3 finger-widths long just above the vulva and the width is usually left to preference of the client. The French bikini wax may also be called " partial Brazilian wax" because of its partial removal of hair unlike that of a Brazilian wax. The landing strip wax method is well-known within the circle of women who wear swimsuits which are very narrow at the crotch area.

  • Brazilian waxing: It is the complete removal of all the hair from the following areas: pelvic area, front and back. Women usual get a “full Brazilian wax” if they wear thongs and for that reason hair is completely removed from the buttock region as well.

There are several other types of waxing styles which are available to the customer like the European, the Triangle, the Heart, however the most common styles are the 3 which are mentioned above.

Waxing Precautions:

You have to consider several things before having a waxing procedure: Here are the most common things:

  • If your pregnant, sick or have had hormone replacement, your skin may be more sensitive to the procedure. Before having the procedure, it is recommended to have the patch test (on arm) which will show you how your skin will react to waxing procedures.

  • If you take medication or blood thinners, than be extra careful because any small cut or rash can bleed more than that of a person not on medications.

  • If you have recently consumed stimulants like energy drinks or caffeine, then waxing can cause severe redness to the skin and cause it to become more inflamed.

  • One disadvantage is that some people may experience irritation after a waxing session. The good news is that if you are suffering from irritation, we carry Skin Tend which is a topical treatment formulated for bumps, irritation and ingrown hairs due to waxing. It is very effective and can be applied to the effected areas after you visit.

The precautions mentioned are the most common ones to consider however there are several more considerations that should be taken before having any waxing procedure performed. In any case, side effects are fewer when the procedure is done safely. For more information regarding waxing styles and techniques, please visit our official website at Prima Day Spa.

We are pleased to have licensed, highly qualified and experienced aestheticians at Prima to ensure that you have the best experience possible. Call today to book your next appointment. Be sure to join us on Face Book to see what great new services and specials we're offering.

Did you know that we offer "Tend Skin"?

Tend Skin is and amazing product that reduces redness from shaving, electrolysis and waxing as well as the appearance of unsightly razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Men use on faces and necks, and women for legs, underarms and bikini lines after waxing.







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