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She's back! After managing her spa supply business for a couple of years. Jennifer is back at Prima!

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A number of years back. When Prima first brought spray tanning to Wilmington, the industry was new and the products and equipment were very inconsistent. Prima's owners knew that spray tanning was fast becoming a very hot new service and that bringing the very best tan to Wilmington was critical. They were not satisfied with loud turbine systems or airbrush and compressor systems that took up to 30 minutes. The big space age booths did not offer the superior custom tan.The solutions were too sticky or orange etc. They decided to commit a lot of time and money to developing new equipment, solutions and spray methods and "Tangosun" was born.

Jason Saucier one of Prima's owners developed and manufactured the Zephyr Quiet Turbine Spray System shown in this picture. The turbine is used in conjunction with a specially designed HVLP gun for fast, even custom tanning and is now sold to other spas and salons through our supply business.

The Clean Air Filtration Enclosure show in the picture was also designed by Jason and is sold to salons and spas all around the country.

Spray tanning solution. Jason and Jennifer worked for about two years with chemists and providers of the best fragrances and active ingredients from all over the world before finishing the Tangosun product that you will experience today at Prima.

Tangosun is a masterful blend of colorants, humectants, conditioners and actives that has won the respect of some of the best spas and salons around the world. We also contract with distributors who bring our brand and our private label offerings from Sunny California to way Down Under in Australia. From Dubai to Norway Tangosun is spraying a tanner world. Jennifer has developed a flawless technique for using Tangosun's system and has trained business owners and technicians in the art of spray tanning for almost ten years. Come see us soon and find out why Tangosun has such a far reaching glow!


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