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Tango Sun is the best spray tanning solution on the market it is the only solution we use at Prima and it is why we are everyone's favorite spray tanning spa!

Come in and buy your solution or order it below and we will ship it right out- it's always fresh!


One Gallon


One Half Gallon


One Qt. (32 oz.)



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"inchloss body wrap! The real deal. This mineral wrap is slimming and nourishing, not dehydrating.


"Alkaline water! The water that changed our lives! This is truly miraculous! Bring you BPA free jug and try it!!!!!

Clarisoc Products Prima now has a Kangen water system! Do your body a favor, come try it for free Kangen is an amazing ionized alkaline water. Learn how this can change your life.
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She's back! After managing her spa supply business for a couple of years. Wilmington's favorite spray tanner/spa manager is back at Prima!


Massage discountSave big on massage! prima now has an exciting offer for our massage customers. No contracts required, no auto debit. Just get massged & save!

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Kangen WaterWe now offer bottle filling service for Alkaline water. The healtiest water in the world See more

We offer a full line of to quality spray tanning supplies including equipment, solutions and lotions. See more




Read the story of Prima's success in the spray tanning industry commitment to offering the very best DHA tanning available.The story...


















Come in and check out all of our services. We are a Wilmington NC day spa featuring facials, waxing, massage, spray tanning, permanent cosmetics, body wraps, manicures and pedicures, cellulite therapy and more!