Ask anyone who knows anything about spray tanning, where to find the best in Wilmington, NC and they'll say "Prima, of course". We were innovating the industry a decade ago with HVLP technology and a gamut of spray tanning products that we manufacture and sell to other spa and salons worldwide.



Top rowPlayboy Model and Beauty & the Geek star, Amanda Hanshaw loves to get her spray on tan at Prima. She says that our spray tan gives her that golden glow and she will use only our products for her flawless appearance before a shoot. Amanda claims to be a Tangosun worshiper. Thanks for the praises Amanda!

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Hollywood East Hollywood East star and producer,
Timothy Woodward Jr. boasts that "Prima has the best spray tan and friendliest staff around."




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Tanning Solution

32 OZ.

64 OZ.

128 OZ.


Tanning SolutionSkindance  
Tan Saver

TangoSun's top quality tan saver. Made with the highest quality oils, shea butter and a patented natural moisturizing complex. Have your clients apply this luxurious lotion daily to help preserve and prolong your tan!

TangoTan  Self Tanner moisturizer
TangoSun's self tanning lotion. A great retail product for people on the go who need the TangoSun with them wherever they go.

Wilmington Tan

Elle Helmer Woods (pictured above and right) has been interviewed and written about by major news organizations including CBS and CNN, regarding her role in the Oscar Nominated film "The Invisible War". Elle is a stong and inspiratiopnal person. We are proud to have her as friend and customer of Prima who modeled the Prima tan in a recent video shoot. Thanks Elle!




Josh Carter, series regular (pictured above) on "Under the Dome" Josh has been a customer and a model for our spray tanning products and services. Way to go Josh!

Summer is a local Actress and Model who loves the look of Prima's Sunless products.


This brochure is on that we produced for the spray tanning industry and features, Jennifer, (pink bikini) Megan and Josh (below right).


You may have heard that Prima is the best place in Wilmington to get sprayed and this can be attributed to several important facts.

  1. We were the first location offering this service in the Wilmington area.
  2. We use only Tango Sun spray on tan products and sell the Tango Sun after care lotion.
  3. We employ and have trained the best spray tanning technicians in the region.
  4. Our research and development in spray tanning is ongoing with product and equipment innovation.

Jennifer is shown on right using an old school airbrush to apply the tan in the early days when Star News did a feature on our innovations. We are currently using the much quicker turbine (HVLP) method shown above which takes about three minutes! This form of spray tanning literally gives the best result!



  • Safer than the sun
  • Safer than tanning beds
  • Super fast
  • Easy
  • Packages available
  • Tanning creams available for maintenance

Photo: Jeff Otto, Wilmington Star News

Read the Q.& A.


"THE AIRBRUSH OR SPRAY TAN WHEN PROPERLY APPLIED IS SIMPLY THE SAFEST, QUICKEST, MOST BEAUTIFUL TAN METHOD AVAILABLE TO DATE" ...With that being said, let's present some facts to help clear up some of the confusion on the subject of DHA.

DHA affects only the outermost cells of the epidermis, stratum corneum by reacting with amino acids (components of proteins) in this outermost skin layer. This seems to be the fact despite the claims by some that they have found ways to drive the effects of DHA to deeper levels of the skin.

The stratum corneum is the outermost layer of the epidermis, comprised of cells that some contend are metabolically active tissue but most refer to as dead skin cells. Either way this is the layer that is ready to sluff off and as such, the tan will last until this layer exfoliates. This process can take anywhere from a week to 14 days.

Preparation and aftercare
Proper preparation and after care is the key to optimizing an Airbrush Tan. Just as some people will treat leather with mink oil or other preparations to condition it against premature wear and discoloration, it is a great idea to exfoliate and condition the skin before and after an Airbrush Tan. Some lotions are designed for this and some can do more harm than good.
Ideally, the skin should be exfoliated with an exfoliating scrub or glycolic product. Then it should be moisturized with the proper moisturizer approx. 4 hours prior to spraying so that it has conditioned the skin but is not a residue on the top of the skin. Moisturizing should be repeated again after the first shower, some eight hours later. Taking these steps insures the freshest, cleanest, longer lasting substratum (skin) and can mean the difference between your tan lasting 5 days or 10 or more days. Artists go to great lengths preparing the surfaces of canvas in order to insure works of art that will last longer.

Worth mentioning
Yes, chlorine will strip an ABT quickly.

The best products in the wrong hands are worthless, train your people!

When sprayed deliberately, thicker, dryer skin like hands, feet, knees and elbows absorb more dha and appear orange. Pre moisturize (as above) and only lightly mist those areas.

DHA vs other tanning agents
American Academy of Dermatology regarding Non DHA Tanners:
"Similar-sounding products on the market that rely on other ingredients to darken the skin, such as tanning preparations, tan accelerators, bronzers, tanning promoters and tanning pills, are not as effective as sunless or self-tanners containing DHA. In fact, tanning pills that contain an ingredient called canthaxanthin have been linked to hepatitis and urticaria, a condition marked by severe itching and skin eruptions..."

Prima offers the very best in Custom Spray Tanning. In fact we know a lot about the process, products and equipment. We created two of the most popular spray tanning manufacturing companies "Chief-Tan", which we sold to an investor and "Tangosun" both of which are currently in wide use in U.S. and Australian tanning salons and spas.


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Spray Tanning at Prima

One Session- $30

Two Sessions- $50

Five Sessions- $100

Ten Sessions- $180


Q. What is spray tanning and how does it work? Is it sa

A. Our Tanning professionals do most of the tanning at Prima but we can come to your house, work or even on location for special events. We use the state of the art HVLP spray tanning systems to apply your customized spray tan while ensuring your privacy and comfort. We will use the level of color that is right four skin coloring. Prima and Bring Me The Sun™ Mobile Tanning will give you the most natural looking UV free tan available. Our products are, the best quality tanning solutions on the market containing DHA and other safe/FDA approved ingredients. Spray tanning is a great idea for those concerned with skin care and prevention of skin cancer.

Q. I already spray tan at a salon or in a booth, why would I try Prima or Bring Me The Sun?

A. Our clientele desire a level of precision and accuracy that can only be delivered during a one-on-one, hand applied session, while at the same time requires convenience that is conducive to their busy lifestyle/schedule. Bring Me The Sun™ offers the best of both worlds as well as competitive pricing.

Q. How long does it take to get sprayed?
A. It takes approximately 3-5 minutes per person. Unlike airbrush systems, HVLP covers larger areas more quickly and evenly so you are not standing disrobed while a technician painstakingly sprays you with an airbrush. So for Tanning Parties plan to accommodate all of your guests.

Q. Will I turn orange or have streaks?
A. Bring Me The Sun™ Mobile Tanning will give you a worry free tan. We guarantee a streak free tan that you will never have to rub in or be bothered with. No more orange between your fingers or knees! Make sure to exfoliate before your service to avoid any over-saturation on the dry spots!

Q. Why not just use a regular tanning bed?
A. Unlike Tanning beds, spray tans are not harmful for your skin. Tanning beds still deliver harmful UV rays to your body. Plus our spray tan is instant! You will not need to lay in a bed for 10-12 min day after day to get results. With the spray tan you will not have redness or peeling unlike a tanning bed. Stretch marks look so much better after a spray tan!

Q. Why should I choose your service over other spray tans offered in tanning salons?
A. Some areas of your body get sprayed to light or to heavy leaving you with an uneven tan. Booths leave blotches and fade uneven. Plus a professional is not there making sure that you tan is perfect!

Q. Do I have to be naked?
A. You do not have to be naked. It is your choice how you want to look. If you want no tan lines then you will be naked. We do provide disposable wear to cover your areas that you are shy about. If you want to wear a swim suit, please pick a dark colored suit or an old one.

Q. How do I prepare for my tan?
A. EXFOLIATE ALL OVER! Make sure to shave and wax before your spray tan. Your skin MUST be clean from all, perfumes and deodorant.

Q. Aftercare?
A. We will give you a after care check list to take home. Please wear loose clothes to wear after the spray. The solution will rub off on your clothes, but it does not stain. You will need to STAY away from water for the next 8 hours. This allows the solution to set and develop evenly all over. In the morning make sure to take a shower (do not go to the gym until you shower). You will see the solution wash off in the shower (this is normal). Then apply the tan extender lotion.

Q. How long will it last?
A. Our product will last between 5-14 days depending on the individual. The tan slowly fades just like a tan that you get from the sun or tanning bed. Make sure to extend your tan with our tan extender lotion.

Q. Will you drive to any location?
A. Yes we try to travel to our clients! Of course our charges will increase depending on the location. Rates are generally applied to a 20 mile radius be sure to contact your technician to confirm this before making plans.

Q. Is it okay to get a tan if pregnant or nursing?
A. Typically, it is safe to use tanning lotion while you are pregnant. The active ingredient Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is a three-carbon sugar that is non-toxic and therefore is not harmful to you or your baby. DHA works by interacting with your dead skin cells to produce brown pigment called melanoidin. DHA does not go beyond this layer of cells and is not absorbed into the body. Skin is constantly shedding dead skin cells and renewing itself, and so the tan fades as this happens. Please check with your doctor before we visit.

Prima and "Bring Me The Sun" Mobile Spray Tanning

We have been in the sunless tanning industry for over 10 years. Sunless tanning goes by several names including; airbrush tanning, spray tanning,and sunless. We use the best system available which is custom HVLP or "High-volume-low-pressure" which enables us to deliver a flawless tan in just three minutes or less. We created several of the best spray tanning products on the market today. Bring Me The Sun™ is a division of Tango-Sun™ and Goodspa™ located in Wilmington North Carolina.

Our core philosophy has always been to over-deliver on quality. Tango-Sun spray tanning solution and lotions are exceeding expectations in the tanning industry from Los Angeles to Onslow to to Sydney. Our products are never animal tested and are manufactured with pride in the USA.

The quality of your airbrush tan depends on the expertise of the tanning technician and also on the quality of the tanning formula. Our products are safe environmentally friendly and never animal tested.

The airbrush/spray tanning formula used in our spa and by our mobile tanning experts contains an active ingredient called dihydroxyacetone, more commonly known as DHA, a colorless sugar that darkens the skin through staining. DHA, which has been approved by the FDA for over 30 years for cosmetic applications, reacts with amino acids in the outermost layer of the skin, producing color changes in the dead surface cells found there. As these dead skin cells naturally wear off, the color gradually fades, just like a real sun tan.