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Prima offers the full line of Pevonia products

Prima offers permanent cosmetics by

Jason Saucier

It seems that every week, I am working on people who are so excited to finally be having their eyeliner or eyebrows tattooed permanently. I hear all the time what a blessing it is to not have to worry about applying these features in the mirror every morning, only to have brows or eyeliner rub or smudge off during the day. People share their stories of how time consuming and frustrating it has always been just to make themselves presentable and how wonderful it is to no longer have to deal with these daily tasks. The most common thing I hear, particularly from people my age or older is, "WHY DIDN"T I DO THIS YEARS AGO?!"

Well some people are just not at all familiar with permanent make-up and or the advantages of having it done. For many, Permanent Cosmetics brings the fear of the unknown. People have nagging concerns like getting the right artist or technician who will do a good job or maybe the expense is an issue, or simply making the time and following through and getting it done. A lot of my clients come in with great trepidation, because this whole thing is so new to them. I watch fear and anxiety melt away as we talk and they begin to get the sense that I have been doing this for many years and they are having all of their questions and concerns addressed fully and honestly. Most of my work is through referral but in reality, most of my clients have never met me and do not know what to expect. While I do see some clients who are laid back and just know things are going to go well, it is natural that some will fear something drastic may occur. It is a rewarding part of my job to be able to put them at ease and deliver beautiful results. The reasons for putting off permanent cosmetics are many and varied but the typical response to finally having it done is always one of satisfaction of having finally done something so meaningful, fulfilling and helpful for the self.


Permanent Eyeliner and brow

Permanent eyebrows and eyeliner

Dark eyebrows before and after permanent makeup

Permanent makeup eyebrows

There are numerous reasons for having Permanent cosmetics done

  • Feature enhancement or correction
  • Poor vision
  • Arthritis
  • convenience
  • Time

    We offer:

  • Brows
  • Eyeliner
  • Lips
  • Areola Pigmentation


A letter we received recently:

Jason Saucier was an excellent instructor. I was very fortunate to find someone with his artistic skill to teach the Permanent Cosmetic Class. He goes above and beyond to teach technique and detail in his training. He takes time to answer each question you have and never rushes you through a procedure. His thoroughness in teaching left me knowing I was prepared in every aspect for my new career in Permanent Cosmetics. Everyone at Coastal Day Spa were so helpful and friendly. I recommend this exceptional training to anyone interested in learning Permanent Cosmetics or any other class they have to offer.

Thanks again Jason, Jennifer and all the staff for an awesome experience!

Gale S. Barnett


With a student

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