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Melissa Glick is an experienced therapist who has been wowing Prima customers since her arrival. Call today to book an appointment with Mellissa.

Hi, my name is Melissa Glick. I fell in love with massage therapy when I received my first massage in 1997. It was a birthday gift from my parents, and I never expected that such a gift would influence my life so profoundly! After the massage I asked the therapist where they went to school and what it was like to be a massage therapist. I never forgot this first experience.

Shortly after discovering massage I enrolled at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro where I ultimately received a BA in English Literature. I continued to receive massage throughout college. Studying really takes a toll on the body, and I used massage therapy as way to heal and soothe the stresses that plague a body that is called to study and write for hours and days on end. Massage therapy helped me to be a wonderful student while at university. After finishing school I wanted to continue my education by becoming a Massage Therapist, so I went to Guilford Technical Community College in High Point, NC and enrolled in the Massage Therapy Program in 2004. At GTCC I acquired 625 hours of massage education and went on to pass the National Certification Board Exam.

I then moved to Los Angeles, CA where I practiced massage for the following four years. I worked mostly at “Burke Williams Spa” (a high end spa in Santa Monica) where I created lasting business relationships with countless clients. It was an amazing and exciting opportunity to grow as a massage therapist while meeting some very interesting people in the entertainment industry. While in Los Angeles I studied hot stone massage, therapeutic deep tissue, and spa body treatments.

Los Angeles was not only the county where I began my career, but it was in the South Bay where I met my husband. Though we loved LA we decided to return to North Carolina to be closer to the family in 2009. We enjoy Wilmington immensely, and I have found great joy working here in the Port City! I look forward to meeting you at “Prima Day Spa” and sharing with you the joy and enthusiasm I have for massage!



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Prima offers the perfect way to pamper yourself and your loved ones. There are numerous reasons for having quality massage therapy regularly! Prima 910-794-8041

  • Relaxation
  • Accelerated recovery
  • Stress release
  • General wellness
  • Fluid retention

    Types of Massage We offer:

  • Swedish
  • Deep Tissue
  • Couples
  • Trained, licensed therapists
  • Event massage
  • Chair Massage

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Neck pain ?

Perhaps you are using too many pillows.

Pillows elevate your head and hold it in a forward position causing the muscles in the front and sides of your neck are held in a contracted position. This causes over stretching in the muscles in the back of your neck, and upper back. This eventually causes tightening or hardening of the muscles, and lack of blood flow in the over stretched neck and back muscles. This can also cause spasming in muscles in the front and sides of the neck. This can lead to centralized pain and active referring trigger point pain in the head, (causing headaches) in the shoulder and down into the arm and often fingers.  


The Indispensable Benefits of Swedish Massage Therapy

Massage has long been widely used as a means for improving all-around health. While most see massage as an avenue for relaxation, massage is an effective means for a whole host of other health benefits for a wide array of ailments. Everyone can benefit from the healing and recuperative qualities of effective and professional massage therapy. As there are different forms of massage therapy, one of the most effective forms for addressing a multitude of health-related and stress-reducing concerns is the Swedish Massage method.
Swedish massage has been proven effective in three particular and nearly universal treatment concerns. Those who are fortunate enough to partake in Swedish Massage Therapy can look forward to enjoying the amazing and consistent improvements to their overall health.

Stress Relief
Probably the most commonly viewed benefits of Swedish massage remains stress relief. The strokes of a professional Swedish massage therapist can have significant effect in relieving the stress that can build within a subject’s muscles. A session of Swedish massage will allow for the chance of loosening the tension that commonly builds in certain areas of the body; tension that can be compounded or exacerbated by repetitive motion or continuous stressful posture.
Those who work in a setting that requires sitting or standing for long periods of time will see substantial benefits from a Swedish massage therapy session. Continued therapy will work to maintain a less-stressful condition in the muscles and lead to an overall reduction of future stress.

Pain Relief
Pain that afflicts patients can often be mitigated by effect massage. Swedish massage therapy has been used to address chronic pain due to a wide variety of issues. Those who experience pain for reasons unable to be addressed by other traditional medical treatments and medications have been known to experience welcomed relief from their pain through the healing properties of Swedish massage.
A professional Swedish massage therapist can identify and target the source of the pain and use tried and true techniques to offer relief from pain for the patient.

Promote Circulation
Circulation is a vital function of the body. Proper circulation can lead to a reduction is pain and illness as well as preventative measures to reduce the risk of heart disease, heart attack, stokes and other aneurisms.
Using Swedish massage therapy, a patient can have their muscles massaged using a variety of strokes that are designed and effective for improving circulation. Proper circulation is also a benefit to athletes and anyone who follows a training routine. Blood flow, being an essential function for fueling the muscles with the necessary oxygen for growth and strength, can have pathways cleared for unfettered flow. Having a properly functioning circulatory system, as the result of Swedish massage therapy treatments by a professional therapist, will prove to be an invaluable asset to athletes and help even those who are not engaged in a training routine the benefit of having full function of their extremities and organs.
The benefits of massage are numerous. Swedish massage therapy – the most common and most effective form of massage – offers a wealth of benefits that will greatly improve your overall health.

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You need not envy others who have regular massage. Call and ask about our affordable plans and packages.