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Prima uses alkaline Kangen water. We are the first spa in the area to have acquired this medical device from Japan and we are offering this water... Come try a gallon for free!

Don't wait, come try this water today!




You will be amazed at what a difference Kangen water will make in your life from the first day!

The Leveluk is the only ionize in the industry to be certified as a medical device.



Kangen Water ~

~Drink the worlds healthiest, most hydrating, alkalizing water for less that plain filtered water. Call for details.

Kangen water is a healthy, toxin free, high alkaline water that is full of antioxidants and it contains the minerals and calcium that are already in your tap water. In addition, even people who have never really enjoyed drinking water love it because it tastes delicious.

"Kangen" water is created with everyday tap water that has been diverted through Enagic's LEVELUK SD 501 Kangen water machine. The water is purified of all toxins, including chlorine and restructured through the process of ionization. The water comes out of the machine as high alkaline/antioxidant "Kangen" water. Enagic's special patented technology is unsurpassed by any otherwater ionization company in existance today.

Some of the toxins removed are; mercury, chlorine, arsenic, chromium, barium, cadmium and much more. The drinking water that flows from Enagic's water ionizer machines produces 8.5 to 9.5 alkaline water. Jen at the Kangen faucet.It also contains a great amount of antioxidants.

What is an Ionizer?

It is a giant electron magnet. Water contains both acidic and alkaline minerals. Inside the LEVELUK SD501 ionizers are 7 large Platinum-coated titanium plates. As water passes over these electrolyzed plates it is split into two types, acidic and alkaline.

During this process there is an energy transfer. This raises the pH, makes the water hexagonal, and adds the ORP (antioxidents). The hexagonal properties are what makes up the small micro-clusters which allow the water to hydrate the body down to the cellular level due to the smaller water molecules.

The size of these plates and the power output are vital to the quality of this restructuring process. You can learn more about why the size and power matters here. Enagic's machines run at 240 Watts of power, "UL" approved (Underwriter laboratory).


Bottle Filling, come try it today! Call for details.

If you would like to purchase a water machine, please call Jason today. 910-297-0685